One question I get asked a lot is what sewing tools are my must haves. You know what I am talking about. Those tools they you just can’t live without. Today is a great day for me to discuss those. I am going to break it down into 2 sections. Piecing and Quilting.


When I am piecing my quilt tops these are my go to tools:

As you know I mainly do foundation/paper piecing. I love having a small iron beside my workstation. This saves me getting up and down going to the ironing board. While you can get good seams with finger pressing or using a roller, the best seams come from a good press.

The iron I use is the Dritz Petite Press. It’s small, has 4 heat settings and the heat plate is small enough that I don’t burn myself.

The next item on my must have is the 28mm Olfa rotary cutter. The smaller rotary cutter is easier to handle when foundation/paper piecing.


While not really a tool, my go to thread for piecing is Wonderfil Decobob #104. I was at the Spring International Quilt Festival in Chicago and the Wonderfil team issued me a challenge to try piecing with their Decobob thread. I brought a spool home and tried it. My seams laid flat and I was impressed. I have since started piecing solely with this thread. I recommend it to my students and in my online videos. I also use their prewound Decobob bobbins.


Long Arm Quilting:

This could be a totally separate post. I am going to focus more on the tools I use almost every time I go to the long arm. I love my Innova long arm. I would say it is my number one tool. πŸ™‚ I’m sure though you’d like to know what tools I use while long arming.

My favorite brand of quilting rulers are from Quilter’s Apoethecary. Jamie and Rich consistently produce exception rulers. The beginner bundle is a great place to start if you are looking for quilting rulers.

I also love my Famore snips while I am at the longarm. They hang on the side of my machine and have a curve so that it is easy to cut the threads as I go. The other item that I love is their batting shears. These are amazing shears and make cutting batting so easy.


Β  Β Β 


So those are my most used tools. What are yours?