Quilting Prep

Preparing your Quilt for Longarm Quilting

  • Press your Top and Backing well. Make sure top seams are smoothly pressed to one side. This is very important for Stitch in the Ditch.
  • Do not baste or pin the quilt layers together.
  • Clip any stray threads (especially dark threads!) from the back of the top to reduce the chance of them showing on the front.
  • Correct any wavy or full borders in the top to reduce the chance of pleats or tucks occurring during quilting. Avoid fullness in borders by measuring your top, cutting the borders to fit, pinning to the top, then sewing with a walking foot.  Do not just cut a long strip, sew it on, then cut it off — that’s the sure way to have fullness.
  • Backing and Batting must be 10″ longer and 10″ wider than the top (ie 5″ bigger on each side) in order to load properly onto the frame.  For example, a 60″ x 70″ quilt top needs backing and batting to be at least 70″ x 80″. Quilt backings that do NOT have the required additional width will incur an additional charge. 
  • Cut off selvedges before seaming backings. Use 1/2″ seams and press open.
  • Do not use purchased sheets for backing.
  • Backing and Top edges should be even and squared to result in a flat and square quilt.
  • Pin a safety pin to the top center of the quilt top and backing top.
  • Do not add any embellishments until after all quilting is complete.
  • Stay-stitch any bias and/or pieced edge borders to reduce stretching.
  • If shipping, carefully fold all layers, seal in plastic bag, and pack in sturdy shipping box.
  • If you have any questions about quilt prep, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Add-on Charges

  • All add-on charges are $20 an hour with a $10 minimum charge.
  • Squaring backing – $10
  • Pressing Quilt top – $10
  • If you require additional services such as attaching borders, piecing backing, or more please email or call for a more detail price quote.