I’ve been working in the studio today. My phone has gone off several times to alert me that we are under a Winter Weather Advisory.

Of course the 1st thing I hear is make sure you have bread and milk. Ppffttt. Not me. I am looking around the studio.

Do I have enough thread? fabric? coffee?  If we get winter weather here tomorrow I want to be sure I have what I need to spend the day in the studio on the long arm.

In all seriousness, here in the south, a lot of people are ill equipped to handle winter weather. We all saw the news a few years back when cars were left stranded on the interstates. We get so little of bad weather that the state wasn’t prepared.The image below is of the cars stranded during that ice storm that paralyzed Atlanta several years ago.

So my friends, what sewing project is your plan for tomorrow?